Marriages and DJs

Marriages are all about celebrations and celebration is all about dancing and letting yourself be the real you. Disc jockey ensures many reserved people to show their real in themselves. He acts as the centre of mediator to make one move his leg with someone close in the party. People of old age are made to go back to their teenage by this DJ. Mixing blends of songs and sampling a sound in order to add a great beat to create the best sound effect in the hall.

DJDuring a bachelor’s party, it should just make everyone come out of head and dance like unstoppable. Different sound engineering techniques can be used to create a peppy sound effect and to have a blast. Partying can be unforgettable with fast beat songs. Before selecting one, the bride or groom members have to take the necessary information for at least three DJ details. He can compare the three and can select one suitable for his budget.

  • Also make sure that the DJ music equipment used in the reception is in good condition.
  • It is better to the DJs music library also you can plan special songs for special occasions.
  • Once you are satisfied with your requirement have a contract mentioning all the details like amount paid and due, time, venue etc.
  • They entertain the guests by playing music of the guest’s choice. They have a collection of playlist.
  • At least 10 days before the big day, they create the wish list of the bride and the bridegroom and make them dance to their tunes

Unlike the bands the DJs have less number of people and easy to handle. But a good DJ can get the attention of the guests and make the reception special and if he can’t able to entertain the guests all the arrangements will be a loss leaving a bad experience. That is why choosing a right DJ is very important in making the party successful. The DJ also provides the lighting equipments like moving dance floor lighting, lighting controllers, lighting stands, cables and other necessary equipments. It is advisable to ask the DJs for the photo and video clips of the old wedding receptions they dealt.

Some offer a bigger sounding system, and ultra lighting system to rock the party, but charges more. Thus the quality of the wedding DJ depends on the cost you spend for that. The more the money spent, the more the enjoyment you get.

A proficient DJ knows how well to set the mood by playing with the lights when the music is going on. Any romantic track or peppy dance number will be incomplete without the dramatic effect of the lights. The right choice of lights for the particular feel of the song comes with a lot of listening and practice. The slow songs could use the beams and the fast paced songs a disco ball could be used to enhance the effect of those feet tapping numbers.


Deciding on a budget for wedding is quite essential in order to get everything right and get people talking about your event for at least the next couple of months. A proper planning of all things, will allow you to decide and budget on a good DJ which will help in keeping your guests entertained like pro.