What Are the Most Effective Headlight Restoration Kits for a Porsche 911 with Faded Lenses?

Tackling the issue of faded car headlights is a common concern for many car enthusiasts, especially those who own a classic beauty like the Porsche 911. Hazy, cloudy, or yellowed headlight lenses not only diminish the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but also impair the beam of the light, reducing visibility during night drives. If you’re in the same boat and seeking a solution to restore the clear, bright shine of your Porsche’s headlights, this article will guide you through the most practical and effective headlight restoration kits available in the market.

3M Headlight Lens Restoration System

As a reputable name in the automotive industry, 3M offers a comprehensive Headlight Lens Restoration System that has proven effective for a vast variety of vehicles, including the Porsche 911. This kit includes sanding discs, polishing pads, rubbing compound, and a detailed instruction guide to help you restore your headlight lenses.

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The 3M kit uses a four-step process of sanding, compounding, and polishing to remove haziness and yellowing from the plastic lens surface. You will need a standard household drill to use with the included attachments. The process might seem a bit labor-intensive, but the results are worth it.

The 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System is an excellent choice if you don’t mind putting in a bit of elbow grease. It doesn’t include a UV-protective clear coat, however, so you may want to apply a UV-resistant spray or film afterward to maintain the clarity of your headlights longer.

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Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

If you’re looking for a kit that emphasizes longevity, the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit could be your go-to option. Sylvania’s kit is a bit more expensive than others on the market, but it includes a proprietary UV Block Clear Coat, a vital component in protecting your headlights from the harsh effects of sunlight exposure.

The Sylvania kit involves three steps: surface activator, sanding/polishing, and finally applying the UV block clear coat. It also includes gloves, a towel, and a vinyl tape to protect your car’s paint from potential damage during the restoration process.

This kit delivers excellent results for restoring both clarity and luminosity to your Porsche’s headlights. The inclusion of the UV block clear coat makes the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit a standout product when it comes to long-lasting results.

Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit

Turtle Wax is another trusted name in the automotive care industry, and their Headlight Lens Restorer Kit is both effective and budget-friendly. This kit is easy to use and doesn’t require any additional tools, making it a great option for those unfamiliar with headlight restoration processes.

The Turtle Wax kit uses a simple process of applying a lens clarifying compound and sealing wipes, which works wonders in removing minor yellowing or cloudiness from your Porsche’s headlights. However, for severely damaged headlights with heavy oxidation, this kit might not be the most effective solution.

The Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit is a fantastic budget option for those needing a quick and easy fix to enhance their Porsche’s headlight clarity.

Philips Headlight Restoration Kit with UV Protection

The Philips Headlight Restoration Kit is another excellent option to consider. This kit includes everything you need, from sandpaper to polish and a UV protective coating. The Philips kit takes a four-step approach to headlight restoration: cleaning, sanding, polishing, and protecting.

This kit is efficient for removing scratches and restoring the clear look of your headlights. The UV protective coating provided in the kit helps to extend the headlight clarity for up to two years.

The Philips Headlight Restoration Kit with UV Protection offers a comprehensive solution for headlight restoration while ensuring longevity with its UV protective coating.

Cerakote Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit

Cerakote Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit is a premium product that promises to deliver the most outstanding results. It involves a single-step process of cleaning and coating, making it one of the simplest and quickest headlight restoration methods available. The key selling point of this kit is its ceramic coating, which provides a longer-lasting solution against fading and yellowing.

While the Cerakote Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit is slightly more expensive than other options, its simplicity and long-lasting results make it a worthy investment for your Porsche 911.

In conclusion, restoring your Porsche’s faded headlights doesn’t have to be a complex or expensive endeavor. With the right headlight restoration kit and a bit of effort, you can bring back the original shine and luminosity to your Porsche’s headlights, enhancing visibility and safety during your night drives.

Chemical Guys Headlight Restoration Kit

The Chemical Guys Headlight Restoration Kit is also a strong contender in the market of headlight restoration kits. Known for their high-quality car care products, this kit from Chemical Guys delivers a complete solution for your Porsche’s faded headlights.

This kit includes a headlight restorer, sealant, and an applicator block and pads. The process consists of applying the restorer with the applicator block, then buffing it off using a microfiber towel, and finally applying the sealant for a protective layer.

The detailed process can restore the headlights to their original shine and clarity, making them look brand new. Furthermore, the UV protective sealant included in the kit helps in maintaining the newly restored shine for a long time by protecting the headlight lenses from harmful UV rays.

While the process might require a bit more effort compared to some other kits, the results are often impressive. The Chemical Guys Headlight Restoration Kit is an ideal choice if you’re a proud Porsche 911 owner looking for a professional-grade restoration kit.

Meguiar’s Headlight Restoration Kit

Another excellent product to consider is the Meguiar’s Headlight Restoration Kit. Meguiar’s has been a reliable name in the automotive detailing industry for years, and their headlight restoration kit is no exception.

Meguiar’s kit includes a headlight coating, cleaning solution, sanding discs, and a polishing pad. The four-step process of cleaning, sanding, polishing, and coating ensures that your Porsche’s headlights are restored to their highest potential clarity and brightness.

Meguiar’s kit does an excellent job of removing yellowing and oxidation from headlight lenses. The unique PlastX formula used in this kit provides a clear coat that protects the headlights from re-oxidation for up to a year, giving you lasting results for your Porsche 911.

The Meguiar’s Headlight Restoration Kit is a solid choice if you’re seeking a restoration kit that offers both immediate results and long-term protection for your Porsche’s headlights.


With the variety of headlight restoration kits available in the market today, it’s evident that maintaining the luminosity and clarity of your Porsche 911’s headlights is not a daunting task. Whether you choose the 3M, Sylvania, Turtle Wax, Philips, Cerakote Ceramic, Chemical Guys, or Meguiar’s kit, you’re taking a critical step towards enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and safety.

While each kit has its unique features, they all aim to restore your faded headlights to their original clarity and brightness. Choose the one that best suits your needs – considering factors such as your budget, the severity of your headlights’ condition, and your comfort level with the restoration process.

In the end, no matter which headlight restoration kit you choose, taking the time to maintain your Porsche 911’s headlights will ensure you continue to enjoy those night drives with optimal visibility and safety. Remember, a well-maintained car is not only a pleasure to drive but also a reflection of its meticulous owner.