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Jobs In Montana: A Basic Introduction

Transferring to the Big Sky Country will not offer you the big career move as New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Those cities have much more population than the entire Montana state. There are many wonderful reasons to buy homes for sale Whitefish MT, but career growth is not one of them. Exemptions include entrepreneurs and workers in Bakken oil fields. People who want to work in Montana usually involve industries related to nature. Examples are forestry, farming, ranching, tourism, or mining. The three biggest cities in Montana offer the most jobs in the state. These are Billings, Missoula, and Great Falls.

Well-known jobs in Montana

The Bureau of Labor Statistics record shows an unemployment rate of 4.2% only. There were about 131,000 people on food stamps or SNAP in 2013. The top jobs in the state include Office and Administrative Support Occupations. There are more than 67,000 employed under that. Next is the Sales and Related occupations with almost 50,000 employed. Occupations in Food Preparation and Serving Related, Healthcare and Technical are also popular. Education, Training, and Library, as well as Transportation and Material Moving have more than 28,000 employed. The highest number of professionals are in the healthcare industry and education next. Office jobs tend to be more clerical in nature. Most common jobs in Montana include sales, restaurant, and transportation industries.

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With a population of about 109,000, Billings is the largest town of the state. Office and Administrative Support is the top job here and it pays an hourly wage of around $15. Healthcare Practitioner and Technical occupations pay the highest wage. The hourly wage for these jobs is at almost $37. Another job category that paid above the national average is Transportation and Material Moving. Its hourly wage is almost $18 per hour.


This state has around 69,000 people. Like Billings, Healthcare Practitioner and Technical occupations receive the highest salaries. It is a bit lower than Billings at $34. Education, Training, and Library occupations have an hourly wage of almost $25. All jobs in Missoula pay below the national average. The University of Montana is here so there are more educators.

Great Falls

The third largest city in Montana, Great Falls has around 59,000 people. All jobs in this city pay below the national average like Missoula. The highest hourly wage in this city is at $34 and that is for Healthcare Practitioner and Technical. Food Preparation and Serving Related occupations pay the lowest at only $10 per hour.

Statistics on Montana cities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps data for only the three towns mentioned above. These three are the biggest cities in Montana. The state has a few people per square mile so data in any neighborhood is quite impressive.